Meet Flock DC - the unifying identity between Nest DC, Roost DC, and Starling DC.

Managing partnerships, philanthropy, and mission-driven success, Flock serves as the values and leadership beacon for its various lifestyle and real estate management brands. Truly, a number of birds of one kind.


rep·a·ra·tion :


the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.

How it works:

Flock is putting its money where its mouth is with $200,000 to start this germination process., We will convene a board of advisors quarterly to consider applicants to receive for cash from Flock for a down payment to purchase a home. The application/review process will be deliberately uncomplicated.

How it grows:

Our ask of our peers: Pay it forward. Because the past injustices led to your current successes. This is a simple proposition. We are presenting to our colleagues in the real estate world a chance to say, YES. Count me in to write a new story: I seek inclusion, equity and diversity in real estate acquisition. I support the transfer of intergenerational wealth and will work today to support that tomorrow.


Let's smash
your goals




As a FLOCK, we give time, money, space, and our passion for real change. We honor makers, doers and disrupters.

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