Black Lives Matter.

Written by: Lisa Wise, Chief Flockster

Our Flock believes Black Lives Matter. The fight for equality and justice falls to each of us. Racism, violence, injustice, and hatred are very much a reality throughout this country – every single day. It is not unprecedented. It is a perpetual hotspot. And that is shameful.

As a company, it is not enough to say we aren’t racist. We must be ANTI-racist. Our Flock is creating space for grieving, fighting, reflecting, challenging, and protesting. We’re gathering, sharing, and learning. We’re having hard conversations about systemic racism and inequality. This conversation, this work, is not optional. And we must do more and do it quickly for our team, clients, community, and the city we call home.

It is our responsibility to be a voice for change. Now, we must raise our voice. We invite our community to this conversation and hope you join us in becoming active in an entirely new way. As the world collides, let’s find a way to come together and be the change we want to see. We look forward to pointed, meaningful moments for engagement as the days, weeks, and years unfold.

In solidarity, in sadness, and in hope,
The Flock Team

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