Fly High, Justice, Ginsburg

24 Sep
Written by: Lisa Wise

Somewhere in the mid-1970s, I called Pocatello, Idaho my idahome. Around the same time, my somewhere-in-her-mid-to-late 20’s mother was a newly-minted divorcee and an enthusiastic ceramicist and printmaker. Together with a stained-glass artisan named Judy, she rented a gallery space in the (still) not thriving downtown. We’d pull up in her brown Pinto and proceed to shape some of my fondest memories.

Hatching An Anti-Racist Company

21 Jul
Written by: Lisa Wise and Grace Langham

Our business isn’t new; it began 12 years ago when Lisa grew her side hustle as a landlady into Flock DC, a family of real estate management companies in the District proper. Today, we tend to thousands of homes and 52 co-workers. Although this enterprise has been around for a while, we recognize that now, today, is a critical time to start over. To rehatch, if you will: at Flock, we love a good bird metaphor.

Black Lives Matter

05 Jun
Written by: Lisa Wise, Chief Flockster

Our Flock believes Black Lives Matter. The fight for equality and justice falls to each of us. Racism, violence, injustice, and hatred are very much a reality throughout this country – every single day. It is not unprecedented. It is a perpetual hotspot. And that is shameful.