Black Lives Matter

05 Jun
Written by: Lisa Wise, Chief Flockster

Our Flock believes Black Lives Matter. The fight for equality and justice falls to each of us. Racism, violence, injustice, and hatred are very much a reality throughout this country – every single day. It is not unprecedented. It is a perpetual hotspot. And that is shameful.

Generation Grit

04 Jun
Written by: Lisa Wise, Chief Flockster

When I was eleven years old, my best friend was an 80-, perhaps 90-year-old woman named Myrtle Friedman. Myrtle lived alone next door, on Second Street in Hailey, Idaho. Her two-story green stucco house was perched on the corner, just two blocks from Main Street. I would tend to her rhubarb, weed her vegetable garden, and listen to her tell stories. Myrtle had lived through both wars and the Great Depression.

Smiling Under the Mask

07 May
Written by: Lisa Wise, Chief Flockster

As our national isolation grinds on, and with little hope of change anytime soon, the crisis adrenaline that kept us going in the early weeks has worn o, and we’re over the novelty of it all. We’ve amused ourselves with Zoom backgrounds and we’ve delighted over one another’s kids and we’ve learned the value of the mute button. We’ve dug into the logistical challenges of this new landscape and gured out how we’ll survive.